mainly music - on-line sessions

mainly music - on-line sessions

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What happens when you can't attend mainly music sessions? Maybe your local group has closed for a while, your child appreciates a smaller session (like 'me at home'), or you're unsure about COVID exposure.

Here's a session especially for you. A session you can enjoy with others, over Zoom. Chromecast it from your phone to your television or use a tablet or computer. You don't have to turn on your camera.

This will be a mainly music session like no other because you'll be joining with families from all over Australia.

9 sessions starting Wednesday, 9 February - finishing 6 April with an Easter session. 10.30-11.30am AEDT.

Select from joining us for 9 sessions and supply the props/download and print the 5 Speckled Frogs sheet OR purchase the 'Plus' pack, which includes two claves, a scarf, and the 5 Speckled Frogs sheet. For additional children, we have extra props available.

Everyone attending will receive a copy of the 5 Little Ducks book, closer to Easter.
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