mainly music in Surrey Hills - Term 1/2023

mainly music in Surrey Hills - Term 1/2023


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Weekly sessions are full of songs and rhymes, actions and movement, designed to engage you and your child. Not only will your little one be delighted by the one-to-one attention you give, but you’ll love the way they respond and develop.

You’ll be creating memories together.

The structured 30 minute music session will be followed by 30-60 minutes of eat/play/chat. Snacks and refreshments will be served, followed by a time of unstructured play. While your youngster plays, you’ll be able to connect with others from your local community.

Starts 21 February (Tuesday) at 10.00am (Payment required for the term)

Held in the church building in front of Surrey Hills Children’s Early Learning Centre, 277-281 Elgar Road, Surrey Hills

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