Playdough kit – pack ‘n’ go

Playdough kit – pack ‘n’ go

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Playdough has a calming effect – the sensory element probably does this. Children lose themselves in the moment of fashioning the dough into a creation, and poking items into the softness of the medium to be creative.

This all-in-one container has been designed for one child to use at home or take out and about. Complete with wooden and sustainable items for play, this little package will engage your youngster for a considerable length of time – again and again and again.

You’ll see in the photos how one child, aged 22 months, took the kit to a sports game her parents attended and was engrossed in the playdough (and the occasional screams when her uncle scored a goal). She used the lid as her workspace and made all sorts of creations using one colour of the homemade. This engaged her for over 30 minutes.

The packages come with prompt sheets for engaging with your child. You’ll be having as much fun working with them.

Each kit comes with a similar make-up of content; that is wooden and sustainable items for play along with a package of extra paper straws. The playdough has is homemade from grocery ingredients (plain flour, salt, oil, Cream of Tartare, colouring and boiled water).

These are a new range – Phew! Thanks Grandma. Timeless ideas with a modern twist.

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