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Come to mainly play and your experience will start from the minute you walk through the door.

Participate in a themed play activity and then treat yourselves to a 30 minute session of structured, interactive activities, combing story, activity and a few songs and rhymes with your baby or pre-school child. Each session is designed for delight.

You and your child (or the child you care for) will be invited to participate together. It is described as a joy-filled play session and you will not be disappointed!

The session will be followed by eat/play/chat, where snacks and refreshments will be served, followed by a time of unstructured play. And a time when you can connect with others in a similar stage of or place of life.

Accept that your child’s behaviour might not model what you had hoped. That’s okay. We all have off days! Feel free to ask for help from the local team realising that we all have these parenting moments.

Sometimes children enter more energetically into parts of the session, other times observing and then later participating in the whole session. That’s okay. We accept that children will do this. Keep being involved and modelling your enjoyment.

During the whole session, your child will be learning and developing; hearing stories, expressing their imagination, finding enjoyment in the educational moments, and contributing to and participating in group activities.

Your child will enjoy this sensory event. Key will be your experience of attachment, the lasting emotional bond a child forms with a specific person that provides, safety, comfort, soothing and pleasure.

The qualities of our emotional ‘intelligence’ are permanently acquired by only 2-3 years of age, yet impacts on every aspect of our lives as long as we live.

The content of the sessions has been selected so that your child will grow and for you to grow as a parent. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to stop and focus on each other.

Foundational to the mainly play experience is the support and encouragement provided by the local volunteer team who are comprised of people from the partner church.

Many have access to other support mechanisms, like counselling, care, meals and babysitting. Their focus is for you to find friendship and encouragement and for mainly music to become a highlight in your week.

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