For families at risk

Imagine a time and place where young children and their parents find delight in their shared experiences through music and play, are welcomed and grow educationally. Imagine a place where chaos stops, albeit for a moment.

This is place where families leave with their emotional tank just little fuller than when they arrived. Sessions contribute to the very important foundation of attachment, contributing to the secure well-being of each child. Imagine all this happening for families experiencing vulnerability.

Our Session Facilitators have connected with families at residential centres, in-community support programs, teen parent units, and correctional facilities. Families experiencing vulnerability often have more risk factors increasing the likelihood that children will not meet their full potential.

For parents, the time to connect, develop friendships and obtain support from ‘the village’ is crucial. A Session Facilitator presents the content ensuring it is tailored to suit the needs of those attending and stays for eat/play/chat to build relationships. The celebrations of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas and birthdays are enjoyed by families; donations ensure appropriate gifts can be given.

The sessions aim to bring joy and laughter and build resilience. We rely on funding to be able to meet the costs of running these sessions. Your donation will result in smiles.

 Our Theory of Change 

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